Shoreham Port covers the stretch of the south east coast of England between Hove and Shoreham Harbour in Sussex, and is the local port for the city of Brighton. It lies 47 miles directly south from London, and five minutes walk from our flat in Portslade.

Since the start of the first COVID lockdown in 2020, I have been taking daily walks with my camera along the dock road to get some fresh air after work, and most of the photos in this collection were taken during this period. I wanted to capture the atmosphere and visual appeal of the port rather than try to document daily life there - so for a change, I avoided photographing people. The large power station in Southwick has become something of a muse for me. I can't stop photographing it. It dominates the skyline for miles around and it dominates this collection of pictures.

I'm a bit of a shipspotter. Each day I love to see what ships are in the port, and to think about where they are heading to and from. Most of them are the same ones coming and going on a regular basis, but it is quite exciting when an unfamiliar one turns up from somewhere exotic. Ships, ports, dockyards and the sea have always fascinated me. It is in my blood - my grandad and his twin brother were dockers in Liverpool when it was a thriving sea port, and I worked at sea for eight years during my 20s. I've never fully found my land legs, which sounds a bit daft coming from someone who can't swim, but not a day goes by when I don't think of my old life at sea. When I am hanging around the port I feel like an old sea dog looking out to sea.

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