U.S. 80s-90s

The happiest years of my life were spent travelling around the USA on Greyhound buses in the early 1990s between long stints working onboard cruise ships based in Miami and New York. I had an endless supply of bulk loaded 35mm Konica 100 ISO film left over from the ships I’d been working on. The pictures shown here were recently scanned from old negatives that were developed onboard the ships in difficult conditions. The picture quality was never too important to me as you can probably tell. For me it has always been about capturing moments and scenes that interest me whatever it takes.

In the USA in the early 1990s everything interested me. Paris is seen as the spiritual home of street photography but for me it’s America. Most of my favourite photographers were eventually based there such as Elliott Erwitt, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank and William Eggleston. They all had/have a very unique way of seeing the world. My advice to any budding photographer is to take a camera and a Lee Friedlander book everywhere you go.