Thanks for taking time to visit my website. It features photographs that I have been taking for over 35 years.

My aim when I am out and about with my camera (usually a Fuji X100 or Canon EOS 5D Mk2) is to capture the world as it really is - unaffected by me pointing a camera at it. Most of the pictures in this website were taken candidly, except for the Love Boat Rejects category which shows a collection of pictures taken by me and fellow cruise ship photographers onboard American and Italian based ships throughout the 1990s.

I take a camera everywhere I go and photograph the world out of pure interest rather than with a view to selling pictures. These days I mostly photograph at night. You can see a lot of those pictures in the Electric Skylines collection.

Each day I post a picture on Instagram (user name @ianhughesphotos) so please check on there for more recent photos.

If there is anything that you would like to know about the pictures on this website then please email me at ianhughes11@hotmail.com. I'll tell you why it said 'DIE' in the Miami sky.

Best Wishes,

Ian Hughes




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